Discover What PCR Plastic Is

Protect Your Environment

There are more and more movements organized by people who want to protect the environment. If you don’t have time to join one of these movements, you can contribute by discover what PCR plastic is and how you can use it.

Recycled plastic is a sustainable material that is obtained from plastic products that have been used and thrown away. This plastic is produced by processing plastic items that have been collected. Those plastic items can be bottles, boxes and any other plastic packaging that has been discarded. All these items are converted back into a plastic mass through a certain process, from which PCR packages are made.

By using such packaging, the demand for plastic production is reduced and in this way scarce resources, such as oil, can be saved. Due to reduced production, the emission of greenhouse gases also decreases.


Much less energy is required to make PCR plastics, which results in lower carbon emissions.

This is very useful in the fight against plastic pollution. By collecting discarded plastic packaging, landfills are reduced and, what is very important, the amount of plastic, which is very difficult to decompose in nature, is reduced.

The production of recycled plastic is carried out in several steps. First, you need to collect the plastic, then sort it, because there are different types of plastic. This is followed by thorough cleaning to remove food residues, labels, lids and other non-plastic items. The plastic cleaned in this way is cut into small pieces, after which it goes to be melted and made into plastic pallets that will be used for new packaging.

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